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JC-300-4-WF-A Reciprocating Collet High-speed Precision Winder
Product Description



Equipment characters

1.  Format change from cable wire reciprocating motion into nose reciprocating motion ,so the glass fiber have the same tension when it’s forming ,orderly arrangement make next working procedure easy .

2.  Automatic control system adopts PLC control system, which can meet the requirements of different species of fiberglass, obligated PROFIBUS-DP interface to facilitate remote control.

3.  Parameters can be set in the touch screen control, intuitive interface, and easy to input.

4. Except the main drive motor ,the others adopt AC servo motor driver.

5. To meet the high speed operation ,Equipment owned oil mist lubrication device to provide lubrication to the spindle bearings.

6. The spindle automatic change when cakes are on full package.

7. Spire wire is rotated only and it is supported by auxiliary support and easy to change the spire wire.

8. Yarn package can take out by manual button.

9. Cabinet be set alone and set up by quick plug-connecting.

10.Can use mobile force beam splitter according to require.

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