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JC-300(162)/2-LY-A Dual Direct Stranding machine

Equipment characters

1.Set two conditions under the Direct Roving modeachieving high weight on the condition that the diameter is small ,and high speed on the condition that the diameter is big. The cake that is drawn by ?162 Direct Roving mode can be weighted 40kg,?300 Direct Roving mode can draw the yarn which the diameter is 9~10μm.

2.The operation is simple when Direct Roving mode and stranding roving mode exchange from one to another .If you want to change the model from stranding roving mode to ?300 Direct Roving modejust replace the traversing axis mechanism by the Grooved drum mechanism;

3.IF you want to change into ?162 Direct Roving modejust change the ?300handpiece into ?162 handpiece and replace the traversing axis mechanism by the Grooved drum mechanism.

4.Indirect Roving mode,adopt all-servo;in stranding roving mode,the traversing axis motor adopts Induction motor,the others use servo.

5.The equipment use the integrated rack and wheel bearing ,it is durable and looks nice.

6.Control cabinet use Carrying structure,not only save the cable and reduce signal loss, also it is easy to control.

7.The forcing beam mechanism was configured to stranding roving mode.

8.The device Configuration is high mainly Siemens Servo Motor,Lenze induction motor, SKF,NSK bearing ,SMC,FestoParkerCylinder, HIWIN Linear guides and ball screws. The control system uses advanced simotion control system.

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