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JC-ZXDQ-600 Online Chopped Machine

Equipment characters

1、Roller variable speed motor drives the roller directly and the speed control accuracy can be +/-0.2%.

2、The roller friction drives the cutter.

3、The cut system between the cutter and the roller is servo ,both of the precursor locator and traction roller adopt Profibus communication.

4、PLC control system.

5、Touch-screen display machine settings and inputted date.

6、Emergency stop circuit, including deceleration to stop.

7、May have left and right hand vehicle.

8、External communications capabilities via Ethernet port.

9、The hopper with a pneumatic one-way door that the fiber can be discharge during adds wire.

10、Pneumatic adding device used to put the tow on the chopped position.

11Traction  roller was controlled by Induction motor / VFD device at the appropriate speed  to drive the tow into thechopped machine. This machine should be used together with the automatic adding device.

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