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Tai'an Jiacheng Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a hightech enterprise which develops and produces glass fiber drawing machine and glass fiber chopper. It was founded in 2010. The company is located in Tai'an Hightech Zone and covers an area of 66,000_. The company has enterprise technology research and development center, more than 30 middle and intermediate engineers and technicians, and has more than 10 invention patents in the application of glass fiber drawing and chopping equipment. It has won many national and provincial honorary titles such as provincial "one enterprise, one technology" innovative enterprises, National Science and technologybased small and mediumsized enterprises and so on. It has passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification. It has more than 70 gantry processing centers, vertical processing centers, drilling and tapping processing centers and various highprecision processing machine tools. Machine processing and assembly all realize constant temperature parts processing and assembly.

The company implements the combination of independent innovation and production, teaching and research, and has established longterm technical cooperation relationship with domestic institutions of higher learning. Through the introduction of digestion, absorption and innovation technology, it specializes in the production of fine glass fiber drawing machine, glass fiber chopper series products and related production equipment. Therefore, the added value of Tai'an Jiacheng Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. products has always been at a high level, the content of science and technology is advanced in the world, the core precision parts have reached 100% selfprocessing, software automation programming 100% selfcompiling.

Depending on years of production experience and technology accumulation of wire drawing machine, combined with glass fiber drawing process requirements, rich technology and experience have been accumulated in the design and development process. The level of mechanical manufacturing has also achieved a qualitative leap, solved many manufacturing problems, and laid a solid foundation for the batch production of equipment.

With the quality policy of "Keeping the Leadership in China and Catching up with the Firstclass in the World", and the aim of "Providing reliable and stable fiberglass equipment and efficient and excellent service to customers continuously", the company attaches great importance to its reputation and promises, maintains good cooperative relations with many enterprises at home and abroad, has a good commercial reputation, and has won the trust and recognition of the vast number of customers.

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